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About Us

Marninwarntikura is a centre of inspiration that provides women and their families a place for positive change and leadership

Marninwarntikura Women's Resource Centre (MWRC) support Fitzroy Valley women & their families by encouraging safety & well-being & fostering leadership & financial independence. MWRC provide activities, mentoring, support, access to culturally sensitive & respectful services, & advocacy.

Three women come together to share women's business knowledge The image of a Marnin installation above shows three women in different circumstances coming together to learn about bush medicine, childbirth, healing and wellbeing. One woman is from the desert (Walmajarri and Wangkajunkga), another is from the river country (Bunuba and Gooniyandi) and the third 'goes both ways', meaning she is from both river and desert country. 

Our Vision

Strengthening the power of women & their families to create culturally rich, engaged & healthy lives for Indigenous peoples living in the Fitzroy Valley & beyond.

Underpinning our vision is a series of goals & strategic priorities. All of which are driven by our core values, guiding principles & shared behaviours.

Our Values

Our values help us shape the decisions we make & influence the way we treat one another.

  • We value and respect every person, operate with feeling and sensitivity and embrace cultural diversity
  • We encourage and support personal growth, pride and leadership
  • We work collaboratively
  • We are accountable to the community

Our Goals

Our goals describe the outcomes that we are working towards achieving.

  • Nurturing children & young people to reach their full potential
  • Strengthening families through the journey of healing from intergenerational & early life trauma, grief & loss.
  • Building a sustainable & enabling organisation
  • Facilitating participation in economies & activities that enhance well-being

Our Strategic Priorities

We are investing in progressing five strategic priorities.

  • Making FASD History
  • Working towards a harm-free valley
  • Consolidation & then growth
  • Actively participate in a new way of partnering with governments & other stakeholders to develop positive change with & for communities across the Fitzroy Valley. 

Title: Wax Ant Story (June Oscar)

Barrala (Wax)

Bininybal (special spinifex that the wax is found on)

Thawunu (Ants)

Thawunu collect the wax from the blades of the Bininybal. Then they deposit the wax in a nest which is then harvested by the Bunuba people.

The Barrala (wax) is used by women as medicine.

The wax is finely ground and used on the body to ward off coughs and colds and ill health.

The scent of the wax is unique and it draws the mind to the country and places where this medicine can be found.

This painting, by our former CEO June Oscar, represents the collective efforts of the ants working together, and the nurturing and healing elements that Marninwarntikura work hard to foster in our community.