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Marulu Priorities


Jandu Yani U (For All Families)

Jandu Yani U is a research project with the University of Sydney. It was a positive parenting program known as 'triple P' into Fitzroy Crossing and explores how we need to tailor our approach and adapt our work to meet the complex needs of families we work with to strengthen their capacity to support their children and provide environments and interactions that enable children to develop into resilient young people. We provide practical strategies and knowledge to help them to feel strong as parents.

Marninwarntikura through Marulu have focused on upskilling local people by building parenting capacity through positive parenting strategies. We do this by training ‘parent coaches’. Parent coaches are people who can work with families to grow young people in strong and positive ways. We are supporting the parent coaches through networking, while growing the numbers of community members who are spreading the positive parenting messages. We are also learning about trauma and ways we can, as parents, carers and a community, respond to complex needs with understanding and empathy, rather than judgement.

Marurra_U partnership with Royal Far West 


The Marulu team are working with Royal Far West to explore ways to support families using new technologies. Allied health professionals are up-skilling local services and parents to understand trauma, and to learn how to respond to challenging behaviours. We are all learning the importance of understanding the physical responses of trauma.

As the Marulu team expands, we are working with more families to help them to support children and carers with complex needs. We are creating solutions that show us new strength-based ways of responding to the different needs of families living with FASD. All this work is focused on “Making FASD History” and leading the way to more positive futures for children and families in the Fitzroy Valley.