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Healing Initiatives

Marninwarntikura’s Trauma and Healing Aware initiative is part of the organisation’s harm-free strategic priority.

MWRC is working to create safe and empowering spaces to significantly reduce harm in the lives of Fitzroy Valley women, children and families.

Achieving a harm-free society involves acknowledgement and awareness of what intergenerational trauma is and an understanding of how it continues to affect the community.

What are we doing?

  • Designing a healing and trauma-informed roadmap
  • Working with the community to identify and build on local responses to harm and safety
  • Developing healing activities for women across the Fitzroy Valley

Community level: Exploring and establishing the knowledge women have about harm experienced in the community, and how safety is created in response to harm.

Program design and service delivery level: Actively creating spaces for healing so women can determine how to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma while accessing wrap-around supports that are needed to do this.

Systems level: Using lived experience and women’s voices to understand structural barriers and how to overcome them.

Therapeutic Spaces

Therapeutic spaces have seen the reshaping of the healing garden to bring each working area of the organisation together in a healthy space for healing and learning.

Together with the Marninwarntikura community, we have been creating areas around the common lawn which facilitate the activities and engagement of each group in a beautiful healing space.

These shaded spaces surrounded by local medicines and exotic foods continue to develop and promote healthy lifestyles and better nutrition to families across the Fitzroy Valley.