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Baya Gawiy Buga Yani Jandu Yani U

Baya Gawiy

Baya Gawiy Buga Yani Jandu Yani U is a gathering & learning place where community members & children access programs & services that enhance the well-being of Fitzroy Valley children & their families.

Baya Gawiy Buga Yani Jandu Yani U incorporates early childhood learning  as well as a child & parent centre.

Baya Gawiy Early Childhood Learning Unit (ECLU) provides culturally appropriate learning & care to children 0–4 years. It addresses the diverse early development needs of children in the Fitzroy Valley by following a “two ways of knowing and doing” philosophy, – learning from Indigenous knowledges & perspectives alongside non-Indigenous knowledges & perspectives.

Child and Parent Centre (CPC) works to improve access to health and education for Fitzroy Valley families targeting children aged 0–8 years & their families. It is a welcoming, safe & dynamic space that tailors programs to meet the changing diverse needs of vulnerable families.

The Community Programs team work within the community to facilitate parenting support & the Mobile Play Group to improve health, wellbeing, cultural knowledge & educational outcomes for children & their families living in surrounding communities in the Fitzroy Valley.

The Baya Gawiy is the fresh water sting ray of the Fitzroy River, & Buga Yani Jandu Yani U is the Bunuba language for all the children & their families. The aerial view below shows that the centre is also shaped like a Baya Gawiy. 

Download the Baya Gawiy Early Childhood Learning Unit: Overview to find out more about the Centre.