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Strategic Plan
2022-2027 (PDF 12MB)
Marroorryawarrani Ngambirriyawarrani Yoowarnia
Marninwarntikura 2023 Annual Report

NDIS Full Report -
Creating equity for people with disability in the Fitzroy Valley
PDF 3.96MB)

NDIS Summary Report -
- Creating equity for people with disability in the Fitzroy Valley


Marninwarntikura 2021 Annual Report (PDF 7.49MB)
Marninwarntikura 2021 - Our Money Story (PDF 1.74MB)
Marninwarntikura 2020 Annual Report
Marninwarntikura 2020 - Our Money Story (PDF 162KB)
Marninwarntikura 2019 Annual Report (PDF 10.1MB)
Marninwarntikura 2019 Annual Report -  Financial Highlights (PDF 366KB)

 2019 JANDU YANI U Final Report 
(PDF 2.89MB)

2019 JANDU YANI U Executive Report 
(PDF 1.67MB)

Marninwarntikura 2018 Annual Report (PDF 5.5MB)
Marninwarntikura 2018 Annual Report -  Financial Highlights (PDF 340KB)
Marninwarntikura 2017 Annual Report (PDF 14MB)
Marninwarntikura 2017 Annual Report - Financial Highlights (PDF 1.6MB)
Marninwarntikura 2016 Annual Report (PDF 3.5MB)
Marninwarntikura 2015 Annual Report (PDF 17MB)
Marninwarntikura 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan (PDF 18.7MB)

Jane Pedersen's Churchill Fellowship investigation into breaking cycles of intergenerational trauma through empowerment. 

Jane Pedersen Churchill Fellowship Blog

    MWRC Ambassador June Oscar AO delivered the 2014 Dr Charles Perkins Oration. 

    'Turning Community into National Policy' Lecture

    FASD and complex trauma - A resource for educators - 2nd Edition (PDF 7.4MB)

    Baya Gawiy Early Childhood Learning Unit: Overview (PDF 2.1MB)

    Women's Shelter Review Report - 2017 (PDF 1.4MB)