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Our Approach

WomenNurturing nights are set up to provide a space and time for self-care and promote a sense of belonging and healing 


Our approach - Trauma and Healing Aware Approach

Marninwarntikura approach our work from a healing informed and trauma aware perspective. 

Our work at Marninwarntikura and in the Fitzroy Valley is based around breaking the cycle of intergenerational & childhood trauma. It is about overcoming trauma and creating opportunities for all in our society to have a good life well lived.

We work from an understanding that trauma is not permanent. Through supporting people to make change in their lives, creating safe and nurturing spaces and responding to individuals in empathic ways we can and do make a difference.

At Marninwarntikura we talk to people as a whole. We may know that they are accessing our service for help with substance use or caring for kids with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), but we open up all our services to them – the early childhood learning unit, child and parent centre, community programs, our women’s shelter, legal unit, Marulu and our on-country healing camps, our nurturing healing spaces (including the Marnin Garden), and social enterprises. Our entire centre is set up to work with unique and complex needs, and we do not discriminate or exclude people from programs based on a diagnosis, a label or judgement.

We understand that most people we work with, including many of our staff, are living with unresolved complex historical and early life traumatic experiences, as well as ongoing trauma and chronic stress, which can continue across a person’s lifetime. We know that trauma has wide-ranging ramifications beyond those who experience it directly. It entrenches socio-economic disparities over time.

At Marninwarntikura, and within the rich heritage and strengths of Fitzroy Valley communities, we have all the elements needed to reignite a powerful community resilience. A strengths-based, solution-focused approach.

Marninwarntikura has made a commitment to creating safe and nurturing spaces for women, children and families. We know that an essential part of healing is feeling safe. When people feel safe, they can relax, talk and become empowered.

We are creating opportunities and strengthening families in ways that build on positive experiences to enrich the lives of whole families and communities

To counteract intergenerational trauma, we are building a system of intergenerational strength and positivity.

We are using the principles and practices of a trauma-informed approach and healing activities to put a roadmap into action. The purpose of the map is to show a journey. All these things will take time to put into place, and each principle and idea comes with relevant skills in healing and trauma work to help embed it.