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Baya Gawiy - Early Childhood Learning Unit (ECLU)

Baya Gawiy Early Childhood Learning Unit (ECLU) helps our little ones to be like the baya gawiy, the freshwater stingray of the Fitzroy River. As well as being strong swimmers, they will absorb, understand & remain connected to their surrounding environment & communities.

We provide culturally appropriate learning & care to children 0–4 years. It addresses the diverse early development needs of children in the Fitzroy Valley by following a “two ways of knowing and doing” philosophy, – learning from Indigenous knowledges & perspectives alongside non-Indigenous knowledges & perspectives

The ECLU is committed to lifting outcomes of a generation through high quality early childhood education and care. The Unit’s ethos is grounded in the strength of the region’s Indigenous heritage, contemporary cultural practices & the voice of the community./p>

The Goodstart Secondment Program enables success with short-term employment contracts for qualified early childhood educators. Training for local educators to build staffing capacity is promoted & supported. This allows more children to access our quality Early Years program & provides smaller staff: child ratios, so we are able to provide an enhanced educational program & go out on country to deliver important learning opportunities.