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Support the building of therapeutic spaces

Product Description

We are working to create calm, healing and safe therapeutic spaces around all areas of the organisation including the Early Childhood Learning Unit, Child and Parent Centre (Baya Gawiy), Family Violence Prevention and Legal Unit, Marulu Unit- Making FASD History, The Shelter, Marnin Support (main office), Marnin Studio and the healing gardens.

We are working to create different spaces that promote nurturing, sensory awareness, safety and calm. Some areas will be set up to provide grounding and physically stimulating calming activities, including hammocks and rocking chairs, yarning circles, swings and trampolines, as well as water features and cooling soothing plants, created in ways that tap into the healing power of our cultural knowledge and natural environment.

Donations will go towards much needed equipment, plants, materials and resources to create several safe, valued and calming spaces that provide opportunities for healing and nurturing.


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