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Garden to Plate

Garden to Plate

The “Garden-To-Plate” project provides the children, Educators, and families at Baya Gawiy Buga Yani Jandu yani u programs access to a kitchen garden program for early childhood.

This initiative follows on from the Gardenscape project, a whole-property investment undertaken to revitalise landscape design and beautify the natural outdoor environment and intersects with our other healing strategies for our community; the living curriculum, crafting, music (project) and movement, many stories project, environmental sustainability and more.


The objectives of this project:

  • Introduce children to play-based, hands-on experiences that promotes a whole-service approach to teaching children and adults about fresh, seasonal, delicious food.  
  • Actively seek opportunities to incorporate cultural elements and knowledge, through the harvesting and use of traditional foods and medicines
  • Promote healthy eating and living

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  • Sue Thomas