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Kimberley Women’s Art Camp 2020

Kimberley Women’s Art Camp 2020

In any normal year, Marnin Studio, along with Indigenous art centres from all over the country are travelling to festivals, art fairs and exhibitions. This year that wasn’t possible. With the borders closed, and our remote Kimberley communities embracing their remoteness, the art centres from our region decided to spend this time connecting with each other.

This resulted in a week long camp on country at Ngumpan Community. The aim was to share knowledge and skills of art and culture between our passionate and talented Kimberley women.

Each art centre ran workshops including screen and block printing, bush dying, boab nut carving, seed jewellery, cane toad leather tanning, bush medicines, soaps and candles.

The camp offered the unique opportunity to talk face to face about our industry and discuss our visions for the future of the arts in our region. This was a very special event for generations of like-minded women and girls to connect.

Set in the beautiful, quiet country between natural springs and Ngumpan Community it was a healing experience for all. These camps always build our sense of wellbeing and connection to each other and country. We hope the Women’s Art Camp can become a part of every year from now on.

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  • Wendy Bourke