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Much needed help arrives in Fitzroy Crossing

Much needed help arrives in Fitzroy Crossing

Last Wednesday afternoon the wider Fitzroy Crossing community came together to connect and restore in the midst of the ongoing crisis from major flooding. The army landed their large choppers for the children to explore and Senior elder Mary Aitken welcomed service crew and community with a smoking ceremony alongside Nat Davey. The children of Fitzroy Crossing reminded us of the restorative, grounding and essential nature of play in the midst of crisis. 





A healing community arts space was set up for children by art therapists for children to play, connect, share and go about the important business of simply being children. Bunuba woman and educator Kaylene Marr also guided children in positive and playful ways. The session spontaneously culminated in a collective installation; a whole community gathered on higher ground. The children carefully created and added to “our community” and experienced feelings of joy and togetherness. 





We know that art and play, in this instance with tactile and natural materials can provide grounding, connection, expression and meaning making for children and adults alike during difficult times.  


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  • Sue Thomas