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Resourceful Virtual Crafting Group

Resourceful Virtual Crafting Group

A team of women from Baya Gawiy are using technology to connect with women all across the Country to engage in soothing, nurturing crafting activities while making resources that support local storytelling sessions.

Check out the felt mat of Geike Gorge (in progress) and the animals used by the language and wellbeing team to tell some great stories. The little frogs were referred to as "stranger" frogs, the cane toads that have recently started invading this area, that are strangers to this area.

The knitted frogs and bats and the felt barramundi and finger puppets are used in the story telling sessions. The collaborations are building our resources and put to good use in educational experiences that are created for our language and wellbeing team to use with the children .

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  • Sue Thomas