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People all over the Country are assisting us to make positive changes.

People all over the Country are assisting us to make positive changes.

Emily Carter, our CEO, talks about how we are  'all in this together'.

We heard these words a lot during 2020 but Emily has been talking about the need for Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal People to work together to make positive change and increase our impact.

'This is big work and we can't do it alone' Emily Carter CEO.

Marninwarntikura has always been good at seeking out expertise to work with leaders in their field , whether researchers, specialists, consultants with extensive experience, artists in residence or expert advisers to help us realise our vision 

To Strengthen the power of women and their families to create culturally rich, engaged and healthy lives for Indigenous peoples living in the Fitzroy Valley and beyond.

We are an organisation renowned for its quality, innovation and collaborative spirit. We are committed to working with like minded organisations and businesses to build a better future for our families. We have partners that provide pro bono or in kind support, others that donate their products. Some who donate funds themselves or work with their networks to raise funds. Everyone has a role to play and we invite you to join us on our journey. This is a healing journey for our families, our community, our organisation, our Country and we invite you to join us to build our vision. follow us on Facebook or email us at


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  • Sue Thomas